FOR SALE SOON-Fundraiser!

A great friend of mine is going to have a music cd released. There is a song on the album that means a TON to me- so in order for her to make the cd, (as some of you know- it is very expensive for the mixing, producing, recording, etc)- she needs to have some cash. Soooooo... I am selling prints of these linoleum cuts to raise money for the cd production- monies above production/printing cost will be donated to the cd fund. The artwork was inspired by the song "Lead Me to the Cross". It was being performed live by this great friend when I drew the picture. I started drawing when she started singing and stopped drawing when the song was over. This is the piece of art I had at the end of the song! This is how I worship and how the Lord has gifted me! Let me know if you are interested in a print (leave your email under comments)- they will sell for $25 each. Some will be black and white and some will be hand-colored!


Random Thoughts and Questions:: vol.3

The more I try to clean and organize my house, the messier it gets-it's hard being an artist and having art supplies. Why do I always crave coffee at midnight? I am in a very bad habit of staying up late at night listening to crap on TV while I paint....but I guess the painting part balances the bad habit part out! How am I still getting junk mail in my snail mail box when I have taken my name off of those snail mail lists? I love diet dr.pepper. okay...that's all for now...


More of Collection::365

Hope you enjoy a few more... every painting is bound to change!


Random Question???

If you had the option of hiring someone to do your Christmas shopping for you, would you do it? Would you enjoy having the gifts wrapped and delivered to you?



Hey guys!
I am thinking about having a small show/open house/sale before Thanksgiving. I would be selling my jewelry, small artworks (small paintings that could be framed), baby onesies, and possibly some stationary (Christmas Cards, Birthday Invitations, etc).

Would any of you be interested, if I were to do this... and what night of the week/weekend is best for you?


Collection::365 (2nd installment 11.4.08)


More Small Artworks... (from Collection::365)

Here are some more of the "painting/artwork a day" series. I have decided to refer to it as "Collection::365"
Enjoy and feel free to comment!

More Artwork... Coming Soon

New paintings will be posted soon...maybe even tonight! Stay tuned!


Day 1 Day 2 (squared)

Day2 (2)
Day2 (1)
Here is day1 with a bit more added, and there are 2 for Day2... all are works in progress...so if i post them again they may be completely different :)

Favorite Word? Words?

Got any? If you have a favorite word or a few favorite words please post them in the comment section :)

One Artwork a Day keeps the Boredom Away!

I have enlisted yet another goal for myself... I must create one piece of artwork per day. There are really no rules other than the one per day rule. It can be a drawing, a watercolor, a collage, monoprint, lino cut, anything... stay tuned to this channel to see how it develops. I am taking suggestions on topics if you are interested... just leave them in the comment section :)


Random Thoughts:: volume 2

okay...ready for some more randomness...compliments of the randomness queen? ready or not here it comes!
well, i think i've decided-at least for today- that i want to open up a boutique. a gifty, artsy, fun, warm, cozy boutique. not one with all that junk that sits around and collects dust- but one with good, random, creative gift ideas and such... a unique blend of items. UGA plays Vandy this weekend and i hope we decide to show up without our box of penalties this saturday- no holding, offsides, delay of game, false starts, pass interference, and heaven forbid face masks or personal fouls. the colts won today and my jill and andy were so excited! football makes me smile! did i mention that i have had 2, that is two caffeine free diet dr peppers today... it's okay- i bought 4 12-packs yesterday, so i won't be running out anytime soon. my day started with starbucks making me the wrong coffee, so tomorrow i get to go get a "recovery drink"- i called them and asked them what to do and they told me to come get a new one tomorrow and that they were sorry- that's customer service (and yes it should be when you pay 4.50 for a coffee)- and i normally wouldn't really care if my drink was wrong, but it had cinnamon in it and i'm allergic to cinnamon- that's an automatic migraine for me... yikes! so free *bucks tomorrow-woohoowoohoo! last sunday night i got to play with my "nieces"- my bff's girls- i will post a picture of those stinkers here... we went to johnny rockets and barnes and noble and we played and colored princess crowns at auntie em's (that's me) house! enough randomness for one night... see ya on the next installment of random thoughts


Random Thoughts

Okay all! I know it's been a while since I blogged, but now I'm back! Watch out... this post is going to be completely random... I have lots to say, but none of my thoughts are really connected (imagine that)... so here goes! You've had your warning!
It has been a great day for college football- especially since UGA and USC (s.carolina) both won! I've decided that Lou Holtz looks like a little, baby newborn chicken- isn't he so cute!! I am on the hunt for a new job- but, I'm not really sure what I want to do...one of my dream jobs would be to work somehow with college football- like marketing, bowl games, the SEC conference, designing their football uni's. My other dream job would be to be Tim Gunn's assistant- i love him and the Bravo TV network. Speaking of LOVE...can we talk about John Mayer for a minute... hot, hot, hot... and that new LIVE album of his- whew!- it has knocked my socks off...i listen to it over and over! I have no idea who i am voting for in the upcoming election- I guess I better start reading some legit stuff on the candidates. I want to take a letterpress class at the Atlanta Printmaking Studio. I want to take a photography class. I want to learn how to do graphic design. i want to get my artwork (paintings and prints) in a gallery here in atlanta or elsewhere. i want to start my own stationary line. I want to write and illustrate a children's book. i really NEED to go to NYC soon- it makes me feel artistically and creatively alive. Did I mention that I love lying on my couch and watching football with the windows open and a nice, cool breeze blowing in?
...to be continued...



I just realized that it has been almost a month since I posted on here. Wow! Well, today I have been purging my condo of stuff... Stuff that is taking up room, stuff that I do not need, stuff like Real Simple magazines from 2005- seriously- planned to use them for art projects and never have, so therefore I recycled them! Wooo- Hooo! I love purging! Gotta go! Now it is time to shread sensitive papers, dust, reorganize and clean...unless I decide I am too tired of purging and need to paint or do some art. :)

Do any of you like to purge stuff in your house? How often do you do it?



I just finished two paintings after being given the words "thought" and "soul". I really enjoyed the process of taking a word and researching it and all of its meanings. Then taking what research I found and pulverizing it with my creativity to get a piece of work that I actually for once liked. So if you have any good words you would like to share as a possibility for a painting, just post them here...


Soul Survivor

Hello all! Tha paintings are finished! It is a good, but also sad thing. I miss them being in my house and looking at them and critiquing them constantly. They really do look nice in their new home though! Here are some shots I took before I delivered them this morning...sorry about the picture quality...my camera is great for traveling and random things, but not for shooting artwork. You will still get a little bit of the idea.



Here is the finished painting of "Soul"... just thought I'd share since so many of you contributed your ideas to this project! Thank you so very much for the inspiration and critique that you offered. I'll write more later explaining each painting and what went into the creation process.


more updates on the paintings

I think I need to do a time lapse video of the stages of the paintings...that might be fun...but no time to do it now... still got work to do! Here are 2 more pics... "thought" still needs to be touched up and "soul" just needs to be finished...hopefully that will happen tonight while I listen to/watch the UGA baseball team play Stanford @ 7pm... WOO HOO Go DAWGS!!!!
Again...honest comments are welcomed- mean or nice!


Finishing Touches

All it needs now is a few odds and ends touched up and it will be complete. I must say that I like it. I am pretty happy with how it turned out.
I never thought that "thought" would look like this...and maybe it doesn't for you...but maybe, just maybe something in the painting will spur some thought...or maybe there is an aspect of thought that resonates with/relates to your thinking process...

What does this portrayal of "thought" make you think of?


Art, Art, Art

I'm slowly but surely making some progress...still not finished- as I did forget to go back and put a roof on one of the buildings... Let me know what you think at this point...if, of course, you don't mind! Thanks to all who comment- it really helps a ton to have some feedback!


Honesty is the BEST Policy...

Okay guys! I need a beat down! I need real, honest comments about this painting.... yes... this is the same painting at the previous one with Einstein on it posted below... I just painted and collaged over it because I didn't feel at peace with it!
So all that to say... this is the redo... please give me any and all comments... hurt my feeling, be honest, critique it up one side and down the other...
I can handle it...I was in art school for 4 years and you could never do anything decent in the eyes of those professors!
oh yeah... this is the "THOUGHT" painting... the greek-style architecture on there is called a lyceum (look it up)...
thanks guys for helping me with this ongoing creative meeting...I am having self-esteem issues with these paintings... I am my own worst enemy!


Think. Thinking. THOUGHT!

Ok peeps! Here is the 1st update of the "thought" painting. Some of you may be wondering "What was she thinking?" ...well ask me...and I will be happy to tell you! Again thanks to all of you who shared your thoughts on "thought" with me! And as always...nice or mean comments are welcomed... and no it is not finished. If you have any cool ideas let me know! :)


S-O-U-L Soul

Hey guys! Thanks so much for your great ideas on thought/soul! I am going to blog and post some pics along the way. The paintings may look nothing (hopefully) like the beginning pics when I am finished...I tend to paint over and change things as I go...either by an art accident (we artists call them "happy accidents") or by choice. Enjoy and feel free to comment on likes and/or dislikes...criticism is very welcome!


HELP ME, Pretty Please????

Hello blog world!
I am working on two painting projects right now and need your help! Any and all help you can give me is very appreciated and is welcomed!

So... here's the deal... consider this an online creative meeting... throw out your ideas and I promise they will not be criticized.

I need you to tell me what you think of when you hear/see/read the word "thought" - it can be as taken as literally or abstractly as you'd like. Just give me anything...

Also ...
I need you to tell me what you think of when you hear/see/read the word "soul"- again can be literal or abstract

...it can be a name, a picture, a person, a verse, an image, a word, a definition, a story, any random thing, a piece of art...anything... just be creative and be yourself...

Oh please, please, please, pretty please..... oh and thank you very much!


You know how you always....

...refer to your best buds at work???? I always catch myself saying "well I have this friend at work (add name)..." or "this is (add name)- she's/he's a friend from work". Well I do have a "friend from work", actually I have lots of friends from work... anyway...

I have this friend from work and her name is Jill...and well...I miss her lots- because she is on vacation this week and not in the office...and well I miss her! (Just to clarify...Jill is not only my "friend at work", but she is my friend in everyday life- the good. the bad, and the very ugly.) We also both love Grey's Anatomy, the Olympics, Starbucks fancy coffees, classical music, PD, designer jeans, football, running, and target...among other weirdo things. Jilly- I miss you girl! See you soon!



Guess what? Guess What? University of Georgia baseball team just beat Georgia Tech at Turner Field!!! WOOOOOO-HOOOOO! It's the 1st time this season the DAWGS have beat Tech! Hooray! Can't wait for football season- we'll just call that blog season too! Just wait... there will be lots of comments about football! I might even start a little poll or trivia or something! Are you a football fan...college or professional?

Twit, Twit, TWITTER...???

Hey ya'll! At Buckhead Church, where I work, twittering is all the rage right now. Yes I have set up a Twitter account, but I'm not sure how I feel about it. I think I like to be incognito...and my life is really kind of boring right now...nothing exciting to update. It's kind of the same reason I have trouble coming up with things to post on here... either I've forgotten about it by the time I am ready to write...or I just don't have anything that anyone else would be interested in reading.

What do you think of twitter? Do you TWITTER?


It's That Time of Year...

Just wanted to give a shout out to some of my peeps for this month!

Happy Birthday!!!! to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to Jill, Rob, Rod, Laura, Brenda, Tracy, Danlyn, Brian, Erinleigh, Kaye, Leslie, Julie, Claire, Michael, Stephen, Sara, Kristian, Larry, Elizabeth, Katy...

What day is it?

.... here I go again. I AM OFFICIALLY TOO BUSY. AND WAY TOO TIRED. and my house is a mess. and i need to go grocery shopping. and i need to do life maintenance. and i need to learn to say 'NO'! and I might need a massage. and maybe even a little retail therapy. i'm sure a new pair of jeans will cure all that ails me. or maybe i should just settle for a venti-sugar free-vanilla-soy-no foam-latte from the starbucks. and maybe a Matty Cakes traditional old-fashioned cupcake. and maybe i might need a trip to the Barnes and Noble. and marshall's. and loehman's. and tj maxx. and i really might need to take a nap. and sit by the pool in the sunshine. and i might need to run for a while on the treadmill at the gym after that cupcake and coffee. and then i might need to take a hot bath. and then i might need to read a few of the books im reading right now. oh yeah and then i might need to surf the internet and brush up on some news, sports, fashion, sales, craigslist, blogs, etc. but now i'm tired of typing and I might need to go to bed...


Fabulous. Wonderful. Fabulous

I just saw one of the best LIVE performances ever! I went to the Fabulous Fox theatre tonight to see "big"- Big Boi from the hip-hop group OUTCAST with the Atlanta Ballet! It was absolutely incredible! I was literally on the edge of my seat the entire time...My friend Mr.Erik and I sat on the 1st row of the loge center stage-best seat in the entire place- I leaned on the ledge and watched with anticipation and excitement! I can't say enough about it...I will say that if I hadn't just gone to the final show, I would by more tickets and go again! It was THAT great and worth every single penny I paid for the tickets!


New Shoes???

I am a runner. about 2 months ago I bought new running shoes. well, i have yet to run in them... or even put them on outside of the store. I know...so sad. what happened to the days when i wore my new shoes right out of the store, went home, tried them out really well to make sure they worked great and were comfy...then sometimes I would even sleep in them or at least try to until my Mama caught me and made me take them off? Well...part of the reason is I have been sick and busy on and off over the past 2 months... and it's alergy season... but oh, this week...this is come back week--- or at least that is what I am planning! It is time to start training again...for something... I would love to run a marathon in October or November...but who knows... are there any runners out there who have or are having trouble getting motivated after a long hiatus from running? Any tips or secrets to getting started again, besides developing "chubb rub" (when your legs/thighs start to touch each other) and grossing yourself out... sorry if i grossed anyone else out with that phrase. let em know... it's going to take everything I've got to get back on the treadmill...


Roll Call

Hello Ya'll!
I am curious... if you visit my blog and I don't know you personally- would you please tell me what state you are from and leave a link to your blog? I just think it is really fun to know who reads these and where they are from. Oh yay! I am so excited!



does anyone know where and when i can get a good vacation? a beach, some sand, a few towels, a pool, a few good books, sunshine, heat and no cell phone service? i'm also looking around for my life and free time...i am not quite sure where they have run off to... they've been missing for quite sometime now... let me know if you find them! or a good, cheap vacation...


Some Thoughts (or rather my version of a "Worship Confessional")


This is my church!!!! WOOOOOO HOOOOO! I love it! I finally feel a part of a church where my weirdo, artsy, self is accepted how I am...no matter if I doodle/draw/create through an entire worship service...it's OK if I worship that way...it's okay if sometimes my quiet times are listening to praise music and painting myself silly while rocking out and all the while praising HIM! (it's absolutely incredible how connected I feel to the LORD when I am using the talents he gave me to worship HIM/praise HIM/be Near to HIM/Celebrate HIM/ SHARE HIM!!!!

The face was for the video project for Buckhead Church's Good Friday service (the video is posted on BC's blog-the blog listed above... the cross painting originated from a sketch- my BFF Cori and her husband, Elliott ( http://drummingideas.wordpress.com )played and sang at our 3-campus North Point Ministries Christmas Party. Cori sang "Lead Me to the Cross" ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qEd2llqIo7c ) and Elliott accompanied her with bongos. I began the sketch in my sketchbook when the song began and I completely stopped when the song ended... nothing more was added... It's was all Jesus moving my hand.... sorry if that sounds hokey- but it's the truth!
Hope all enjoy... I will try to post the original sketch soon...if I remember of course!

By the way... you are always welcome to come to Buckhead Church! It really does not matter what color, nationality, anything you are- we do not discriminate...because Jesus did not either and that's what He teaches us! Be blessed!


Hello! Hi! What's up???

Well, I haven't posted in a while, as my one blog reader reminded me, so I thought I post something today! Okay well, that's it! My life is just boring or busy or something...or maybe by this time of day everyday, I am just out of words (I know that's hard to believe).

I do have some new art work to show... check it out...



Hello all! Please, if you have a second anytime, pray for NorthPoint employee Michael Colwell. He is having brain surgery right now as I type this. He has several malignant tumors that they are trying to reduce/ remove. I do not know Michael or his family personally, but just wanted to pass along a prayer request for my co-worker.

Please pray for Michael, his wife, their two small boys, and his medical staff. May all that come into contact with this sweet family, know their love for the SAVIOR!



OOPS! I forgot to tag my 5 people... so here goes... the lucky 5 are...

1. Joe Shekarabi
2. Dee Dee M.
3. KFrankski aka Kristen Franklin
4. Michael Manes
5. Prentis Brown

Give ten random facts on your blog!

I was tagged!!!

So since I was tagged...I have to tell you ten random things about myself. It is going to be hard to narrow it down to 10 because I am completely and totally random all of the time. I'm really just a complete weirdo... Here we go.....

10. I draw or doodle anytime I get the chance. Sometimes even if I meet a friend for coffee to chat about "stuff", I doodle/draw in my sketchbook. However, I am not ignoring the person...on the contrary. This really helps me to focus and listen! (and I definitely do it in meetings)

9. My brain is in a constant creative meeting. Sometimes I think about the craziest things and even how to solve certain problems creatively. So if you ever need a gift idea, you know where to come...

8. I LOVE LOVE LOVE DIET DR. PEPPER and I LOVE KASHI AUTUMN WHEAT CEREAL and would eat it for every single meal if I could (well actually I can, because I am a grown-up (sort of) and I actually have also because I am a grown up)

7. I have a small addiction to designer jeans...okay I lied... huge addiction to them...

6. I always notice what kind of shoes people have on before I notice anything else about them...weird I know.

5. I am a runner, was a gymnast, and a cheerleader. I love kickball and frisbee golf.

4. On a fall Saturday, I like to sit on the couch and do art (drawing, painting, printmaking, etc) and watch COLLEGE FOOTBALL games all day long. I also coach from the couch and referee the game too. I love college football and even know some stats.

3. I do NOT like at all EGGS, CHEESE, OYSTERS, or MUSHROOMS. And yes, I do eat my pizza without the cheese- that's why I love Fellini's so!

2. I can touch my nose with my tounge and put my whole fist in my mouth and I always drink my drinks (even coffee) through a straw (keep from staining your teeth)

1. I've decided that I love things that start with the letter "B"... buildings, bridges, bugs, butterflies, oh yeah, and one with a "C"- Chickfila Styrofoam Cups! (they keep your ice from melting)

you are more than welcome to ask any questions or leave any comments- they can even be mean...my feelings will not be hurt!


Did you "ASK" today?

If not will you "ASK" soon? The reason I am "asking" is... that I "asked" this one friend of mine at least 10 times to come to MY Church...BC...

well, guess what?????

HE CAME!!! He has been filling one of our "Empty Seats" every week at the 6pm service now for about 5 weeks! HOORAY GOD!!!
My friend came to the 11am service this morning...he is definitely not a morning person, but wanted to "Praise the Lord" and not miss church this week (our 6pm service was cancelled due to national scheduling conflicts-the superbowl).

Thanks a whole bunch to all my peeps who make him feel so welcome every single week!
Props to:: Los, Susanne, Jeff, Jill, Andy, Laura, Britt, and all of the parking, host, and SPD volunteers who welcome people every Sunday, 3 times a day regardless of color, size, sexuality, spirituality, gender, disability, etc

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! You are showing my sweet friend the face of Jesus our Lord and Savior.

btw...I took him in to see KidStuf at 12:10 and he loved it!!!!


Squeezing in a post

Hello all! I actually have a moment to sit and jot a bit, so I decided to jot on my blog. Just so my readers (if there are any) understand...I don't write on my blog very frequently because I choose instead to do other things... Lately I have chosen to do artwork. I have been working on/pondering over an unfinished painting for about 2 years now. Well just the other night, I was staring blankly at the 36"x36" canvas and a lightbulb in my head came on and I figured out what to do to it...maybe I will post pictures when I have completed it for all to see.

I am also taking a printmaking class on Tuesday evenings. I LOVE IT and can't get enough of it. I constantly have ideas shooting around in head of prints to make/ design. I pulled two monoprints last night with beetles on them- no, not the band/group, the bug/insect. I usually don't love my work, but I really like the beetle prints...I can for once say that I am happy with it. I will try to post some images soon...

Are you working on a special project or taking a fun class right now? Or if not taking a class, what are you doing to improve/challenge yourself in some way?


Please Check these Out and PRAY BIG

Hello snowbirds! (it just snowed today in Atlanta, where I live)!

I have just added two more blog addresses to "My Peeps"... please check them out!
They are similar in that both stories are miracles...medical miracles... and even more so, JESUS MIRACLES!... if you haven't heard the news lately, HE is performing miracles daily!!!!

One is about a Mom, whose daughter is one of my sweetest friends... she has cancer and is a more-than-one-time survivor of this horrible disease... please pray BIG for her and her family.... check out their blog @ http://underwoods.wordpress.com

The other is about a Mom and Daughter, a Dad and Husband... I do not know these people at all personally...however I do feel like I know them because they are brothers and sister in Christ. Theirs is a sweet story...sad too... very complicated even, but completely covered by Jesus. Please read and PRAY BIG, even HUGE for this new family and their hurdles...cystic fibrosis, premature birth, double-lung transplant, etc... read their story/blog @ http://cfhusband.blogspot.com

Your life will truly be touched and you will be so thankful for everything!


It's about time...

I know, I know... I haven't written on here in a long time... but now I actually have something to write about, instead of just running off at the mouth with nonsense!
Well today was the official start of my 1/2 marathon training. I only had to run 5 miles- 3 of those miles had to be at a 10:01/mile pace. Drumroll please.............. I did it! Hooray!

Also I am starting a Printmaking Art Class tomorrow! I can't wait! It has been so long since I was able or interested in taking an art class instead of teaching one myself. Maybe in the next few weeks I will post some of my "monoprints". We will actually be making monoprints in the class.

Hopefully I'll make something worth posting!