FOR SALE SOON-Fundraiser!

A great friend of mine is going to have a music cd released. There is a song on the album that means a TON to me- so in order for her to make the cd, (as some of you know- it is very expensive for the mixing, producing, recording, etc)- she needs to have some cash. Soooooo... I am selling prints of these linoleum cuts to raise money for the cd production- monies above production/printing cost will be donated to the cd fund. The artwork was inspired by the song "Lead Me to the Cross". It was being performed live by this great friend when I drew the picture. I started drawing when she started singing and stopped drawing when the song was over. This is the piece of art I had at the end of the song! This is how I worship and how the Lord has gifted me! Let me know if you are interested in a print (leave your email under comments)- they will sell for $25 each. Some will be black and white and some will be hand-colored!