Random Thoughts and Questions:: vol.3

The more I try to clean and organize my house, the messier it gets-it's hard being an artist and having art supplies. Why do I always crave coffee at midnight? I am in a very bad habit of staying up late at night listening to crap on TV while I paint....but I guess the painting part balances the bad habit part out! How am I still getting junk mail in my snail mail box when I have taken my name off of those snail mail lists? I love diet dr.pepper. okay...that's all for now...


More of Collection::365

Hope you enjoy a few more... every painting is bound to change!


Random Question???

If you had the option of hiring someone to do your Christmas shopping for you, would you do it? Would you enjoy having the gifts wrapped and delivered to you?



Hey guys!
I am thinking about having a small show/open house/sale before Thanksgiving. I would be selling my jewelry, small artworks (small paintings that could be framed), baby onesies, and possibly some stationary (Christmas Cards, Birthday Invitations, etc).

Would any of you be interested, if I were to do this... and what night of the week/weekend is best for you?


Collection::365 (2nd installment 11.4.08)


More Small Artworks... (from Collection::365)

Here are some more of the "painting/artwork a day" series. I have decided to refer to it as "Collection::365"
Enjoy and feel free to comment!

More Artwork... Coming Soon

New paintings will be posted soon...maybe even tonight! Stay tuned!