Hello all! Please, if you have a second anytime, pray for NorthPoint employee Michael Colwell. He is having brain surgery right now as I type this. He has several malignant tumors that they are trying to reduce/ remove. I do not know Michael or his family personally, but just wanted to pass along a prayer request for my co-worker.

Please pray for Michael, his wife, their two small boys, and his medical staff. May all that come into contact with this sweet family, know their love for the SAVIOR!



OOPS! I forgot to tag my 5 people... so here goes... the lucky 5 are...

1. Joe Shekarabi
2. Dee Dee M.
3. KFrankski aka Kristen Franklin
4. Michael Manes
5. Prentis Brown

Give ten random facts on your blog!

I was tagged!!!

So since I was tagged...I have to tell you ten random things about myself. It is going to be hard to narrow it down to 10 because I am completely and totally random all of the time. I'm really just a complete weirdo... Here we go.....

10. I draw or doodle anytime I get the chance. Sometimes even if I meet a friend for coffee to chat about "stuff", I doodle/draw in my sketchbook. However, I am not ignoring the person...on the contrary. This really helps me to focus and listen! (and I definitely do it in meetings)

9. My brain is in a constant creative meeting. Sometimes I think about the craziest things and even how to solve certain problems creatively. So if you ever need a gift idea, you know where to come...

8. I LOVE LOVE LOVE DIET DR. PEPPER and I LOVE KASHI AUTUMN WHEAT CEREAL and would eat it for every single meal if I could (well actually I can, because I am a grown-up (sort of) and I actually have also because I am a grown up)

7. I have a small addiction to designer jeans...okay I lied... huge addiction to them...

6. I always notice what kind of shoes people have on before I notice anything else about them...weird I know.

5. I am a runner, was a gymnast, and a cheerleader. I love kickball and frisbee golf.

4. On a fall Saturday, I like to sit on the couch and do art (drawing, painting, printmaking, etc) and watch COLLEGE FOOTBALL games all day long. I also coach from the couch and referee the game too. I love college football and even know some stats.

3. I do NOT like at all EGGS, CHEESE, OYSTERS, or MUSHROOMS. And yes, I do eat my pizza without the cheese- that's why I love Fellini's so!

2. I can touch my nose with my tounge and put my whole fist in my mouth and I always drink my drinks (even coffee) through a straw (keep from staining your teeth)

1. I've decided that I love things that start with the letter "B"... buildings, bridges, bugs, butterflies, oh yeah, and one with a "C"- Chickfila Styrofoam Cups! (they keep your ice from melting)

you are more than welcome to ask any questions or leave any comments- they can even be mean...my feelings will not be hurt!


Did you "ASK" today?

If not will you "ASK" soon? The reason I am "asking" is... that I "asked" this one friend of mine at least 10 times to come to MY Church...BC...

well, guess what?????

HE CAME!!! He has been filling one of our "Empty Seats" every week at the 6pm service now for about 5 weeks! HOORAY GOD!!!
My friend came to the 11am service this morning...he is definitely not a morning person, but wanted to "Praise the Lord" and not miss church this week (our 6pm service was cancelled due to national scheduling conflicts-the superbowl).

Thanks a whole bunch to all my peeps who make him feel so welcome every single week!
Props to:: Los, Susanne, Jeff, Jill, Andy, Laura, Britt, and all of the parking, host, and SPD volunteers who welcome people every Sunday, 3 times a day regardless of color, size, sexuality, spirituality, gender, disability, etc

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! You are showing my sweet friend the face of Jesus our Lord and Savior.

btw...I took him in to see KidStuf at 12:10 and he loved it!!!!