I was tagged!!!

So since I was tagged...I have to tell you ten random things about myself. It is going to be hard to narrow it down to 10 because I am completely and totally random all of the time. I'm really just a complete weirdo... Here we go.....

10. I draw or doodle anytime I get the chance. Sometimes even if I meet a friend for coffee to chat about "stuff", I doodle/draw in my sketchbook. However, I am not ignoring the person...on the contrary. This really helps me to focus and listen! (and I definitely do it in meetings)

9. My brain is in a constant creative meeting. Sometimes I think about the craziest things and even how to solve certain problems creatively. So if you ever need a gift idea, you know where to come...

8. I LOVE LOVE LOVE DIET DR. PEPPER and I LOVE KASHI AUTUMN WHEAT CEREAL and would eat it for every single meal if I could (well actually I can, because I am a grown-up (sort of) and I actually have also because I am a grown up)

7. I have a small addiction to designer jeans...okay I lied... huge addiction to them...

6. I always notice what kind of shoes people have on before I notice anything else about them...weird I know.

5. I am a runner, was a gymnast, and a cheerleader. I love kickball and frisbee golf.

4. On a fall Saturday, I like to sit on the couch and do art (drawing, painting, printmaking, etc) and watch COLLEGE FOOTBALL games all day long. I also coach from the couch and referee the game too. I love college football and even know some stats.

3. I do NOT like at all EGGS, CHEESE, OYSTERS, or MUSHROOMS. And yes, I do eat my pizza without the cheese- that's why I love Fellini's so!

2. I can touch my nose with my tounge and put my whole fist in my mouth and I always drink my drinks (even coffee) through a straw (keep from staining your teeth)

1. I've decided that I love things that start with the letter "B"... buildings, bridges, bugs, butterflies, oh yeah, and one with a "C"- Chickfila Styrofoam Cups! (they keep your ice from melting)

you are more than welcome to ask any questions or leave any comments- they can even be mean...my feelings will not be hurt!


Jerry said...

That wasn't boring at all! It was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks Em.

Jamie said...

How can you not like cheese?! I think I try to put in on just about everything...haha.

Shan said...

i drink soda through straws for the same reason & i kinda put the straw toward the back of my mouth to make sure i by-pass the teeth...when i first started doing this, my husband said, "can you even taste it?" yes, i can thank you. :)