Some Thoughts (or rather my version of a "Worship Confessional")


This is my church!!!! WOOOOOO HOOOOO! I love it! I finally feel a part of a church where my weirdo, artsy, self is accepted how I am...no matter if I doodle/draw/create through an entire worship service...it's OK if I worship that way...it's okay if sometimes my quiet times are listening to praise music and painting myself silly while rocking out and all the while praising HIM! (it's absolutely incredible how connected I feel to the LORD when I am using the talents he gave me to worship HIM/praise HIM/be Near to HIM/Celebrate HIM/ SHARE HIM!!!!

The face was for the video project for Buckhead Church's Good Friday service (the video is posted on BC's blog-the blog listed above... the cross painting originated from a sketch- my BFF Cori and her husband, Elliott ( http://drummingideas.wordpress.com )played and sang at our 3-campus North Point Ministries Christmas Party. Cori sang "Lead Me to the Cross" ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qEd2llqIo7c ) and Elliott accompanied her with bongos. I began the sketch in my sketchbook when the song began and I completely stopped when the song ended... nothing more was added... It's was all Jesus moving my hand.... sorry if that sounds hokey- but it's the truth!
Hope all enjoy... I will try to post the original sketch soon...if I remember of course!

By the way... you are always welcome to come to Buckhead Church! It really does not matter what color, nationality, anything you are- we do not discriminate...because Jesus did not either and that's what He teaches us! Be blessed!


Hello! Hi! What's up???

Well, I haven't posted in a while, as my one blog reader reminded me, so I thought I post something today! Okay well, that's it! My life is just boring or busy or something...or maybe by this time of day everyday, I am just out of words (I know that's hard to believe).

I do have some new art work to show... check it out...