Soul Survivor

Hello all! Tha paintings are finished! It is a good, but also sad thing. I miss them being in my house and looking at them and critiquing them constantly. They really do look nice in their new home though! Here are some shots I took before I delivered them this morning...sorry about the picture quality...my camera is great for traveling and random things, but not for shooting artwork. You will still get a little bit of the idea.



Here is the finished painting of "Soul"... just thought I'd share since so many of you contributed your ideas to this project! Thank you so very much for the inspiration and critique that you offered. I'll write more later explaining each painting and what went into the creation process.


more updates on the paintings

I think I need to do a time lapse video of the stages of the paintings...that might be fun...but no time to do it now... still got work to do! Here are 2 more pics... "thought" still needs to be touched up and "soul" just needs to be finished...hopefully that will happen tonight while I listen to/watch the UGA baseball team play Stanford @ 7pm... WOO HOO Go DAWGS!!!!
Again...honest comments are welcomed- mean or nice!


Finishing Touches

All it needs now is a few odds and ends touched up and it will be complete. I must say that I like it. I am pretty happy with how it turned out.
I never thought that "thought" would look like this...and maybe it doesn't for you...but maybe, just maybe something in the painting will spur some thought...or maybe there is an aspect of thought that resonates with/relates to your thinking process...

What does this portrayal of "thought" make you think of?


Art, Art, Art

I'm slowly but surely making some progress...still not finished- as I did forget to go back and put a roof on one of the buildings... Let me know what you think at this point...if, of course, you don't mind! Thanks to all who comment- it really helps a ton to have some feedback!


Honesty is the BEST Policy...

Okay guys! I need a beat down! I need real, honest comments about this painting.... yes... this is the same painting at the previous one with Einstein on it posted below... I just painted and collaged over it because I didn't feel at peace with it!
So all that to say... this is the redo... please give me any and all comments... hurt my feeling, be honest, critique it up one side and down the other...
I can handle it...I was in art school for 4 years and you could never do anything decent in the eyes of those professors!
oh yeah... this is the "THOUGHT" painting... the greek-style architecture on there is called a lyceum (look it up)...
thanks guys for helping me with this ongoing creative meeting...I am having self-esteem issues with these paintings... I am my own worst enemy!


Think. Thinking. THOUGHT!

Ok peeps! Here is the 1st update of the "thought" painting. Some of you may be wondering "What was she thinking?" ...well ask me...and I will be happy to tell you! Again thanks to all of you who shared your thoughts on "thought" with me! And as always...nice or mean comments are welcomed... and no it is not finished. If you have any cool ideas let me know! :)


S-O-U-L Soul

Hey guys! Thanks so much for your great ideas on thought/soul! I am going to blog and post some pics along the way. The paintings may look nothing (hopefully) like the beginning pics when I am finished...I tend to paint over and change things as I go...either by an art accident (we artists call them "happy accidents") or by choice. Enjoy and feel free to comment on likes and/or dislikes...criticism is very welcome!


HELP ME, Pretty Please????

Hello blog world!
I am working on two painting projects right now and need your help! Any and all help you can give me is very appreciated and is welcomed!

So... here's the deal... consider this an online creative meeting... throw out your ideas and I promise they will not be criticized.

I need you to tell me what you think of when you hear/see/read the word "thought" - it can be as taken as literally or abstractly as you'd like. Just give me anything...

Also ...
I need you to tell me what you think of when you hear/see/read the word "soul"- again can be literal or abstract

...it can be a name, a picture, a person, a verse, an image, a word, a definition, a story, any random thing, a piece of art...anything... just be creative and be yourself...

Oh please, please, please, pretty please..... oh and thank you very much!