Day 1 Day 2 (squared)

Day2 (2)
Day2 (1)
Here is day1 with a bit more added, and there are 2 for Day2... all are works in progress...so if i post them again they may be completely different :)

Favorite Word? Words?

Got any? If you have a favorite word or a few favorite words please post them in the comment section :)

One Artwork a Day keeps the Boredom Away!

I have enlisted yet another goal for myself... I must create one piece of artwork per day. There are really no rules other than the one per day rule. It can be a drawing, a watercolor, a collage, monoprint, lino cut, anything... stay tuned to this channel to see how it develops. I am taking suggestions on topics if you are interested... just leave them in the comment section :)


Random Thoughts:: volume 2

okay...ready for some more randomness...compliments of the randomness queen? ready or not here it comes!
well, i think i've decided-at least for today- that i want to open up a boutique. a gifty, artsy, fun, warm, cozy boutique. not one with all that junk that sits around and collects dust- but one with good, random, creative gift ideas and such... a unique blend of items. UGA plays Vandy this weekend and i hope we decide to show up without our box of penalties this saturday- no holding, offsides, delay of game, false starts, pass interference, and heaven forbid face masks or personal fouls. the colts won today and my jill and andy were so excited! football makes me smile! did i mention that i have had 2, that is two caffeine free diet dr peppers today... it's okay- i bought 4 12-packs yesterday, so i won't be running out anytime soon. my day started with starbucks making me the wrong coffee, so tomorrow i get to go get a "recovery drink"- i called them and asked them what to do and they told me to come get a new one tomorrow and that they were sorry- that's customer service (and yes it should be when you pay 4.50 for a coffee)- and i normally wouldn't really care if my drink was wrong, but it had cinnamon in it and i'm allergic to cinnamon- that's an automatic migraine for me... yikes! so free *bucks tomorrow-woohoowoohoo! last sunday night i got to play with my "nieces"- my bff's girls- i will post a picture of those stinkers here... we went to johnny rockets and barnes and noble and we played and colored princess crowns at auntie em's (that's me) house! enough randomness for one night... see ya on the next installment of random thoughts


Random Thoughts

Okay all! I know it's been a while since I blogged, but now I'm back! Watch out... this post is going to be completely random... I have lots to say, but none of my thoughts are really connected (imagine that)... so here goes! You've had your warning!
It has been a great day for college football- especially since UGA and USC (s.carolina) both won! I've decided that Lou Holtz looks like a little, baby newborn chicken- isn't he so cute!! I am on the hunt for a new job- but, I'm not really sure what I want to do...one of my dream jobs would be to work somehow with college football- like marketing, bowl games, the SEC conference, designing their football uni's. My other dream job would be to be Tim Gunn's assistant- i love him and the Bravo TV network. Speaking of LOVE...can we talk about John Mayer for a minute... hot, hot, hot... and that new LIVE album of his- whew!- it has knocked my socks off...i listen to it over and over! I have no idea who i am voting for in the upcoming election- I guess I better start reading some legit stuff on the candidates. I want to take a letterpress class at the Atlanta Printmaking Studio. I want to take a photography class. I want to learn how to do graphic design. i want to get my artwork (paintings and prints) in a gallery here in atlanta or elsewhere. i want to start my own stationary line. I want to write and illustrate a children's book. i really NEED to go to NYC soon- it makes me feel artistically and creatively alive. Did I mention that I love lying on my couch and watching football with the windows open and a nice, cool breeze blowing in?
...to be continued...