It's That Time of Year...

Just wanted to give a shout out to some of my peeps for this month!

Happy Birthday!!!! to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to Jill, Rob, Rod, Laura, Brenda, Tracy, Danlyn, Brian, Erinleigh, Kaye, Leslie, Julie, Claire, Michael, Stephen, Sara, Kristian, Larry, Elizabeth, Katy...

What day is it?

.... here I go again. I AM OFFICIALLY TOO BUSY. AND WAY TOO TIRED. and my house is a mess. and i need to go grocery shopping. and i need to do life maintenance. and i need to learn to say 'NO'! and I might need a massage. and maybe even a little retail therapy. i'm sure a new pair of jeans will cure all that ails me. or maybe i should just settle for a venti-sugar free-vanilla-soy-no foam-latte from the starbucks. and maybe a Matty Cakes traditional old-fashioned cupcake. and maybe i might need a trip to the Barnes and Noble. and marshall's. and loehman's. and tj maxx. and i really might need to take a nap. and sit by the pool in the sunshine. and i might need to run for a while on the treadmill at the gym after that cupcake and coffee. and then i might need to take a hot bath. and then i might need to read a few of the books im reading right now. oh yeah and then i might need to surf the internet and brush up on some news, sports, fashion, sales, craigslist, blogs, etc. but now i'm tired of typing and I might need to go to bed...


Fabulous. Wonderful. Fabulous

I just saw one of the best LIVE performances ever! I went to the Fabulous Fox theatre tonight to see "big"- Big Boi from the hip-hop group OUTCAST with the Atlanta Ballet! It was absolutely incredible! I was literally on the edge of my seat the entire time...My friend Mr.Erik and I sat on the 1st row of the loge center stage-best seat in the entire place- I leaned on the ledge and watched with anticipation and excitement! I can't say enough about it...I will say that if I hadn't just gone to the final show, I would by more tickets and go again! It was THAT great and worth every single penny I paid for the tickets!


New Shoes???

I am a runner. about 2 months ago I bought new running shoes. well, i have yet to run in them... or even put them on outside of the store. I know...so sad. what happened to the days when i wore my new shoes right out of the store, went home, tried them out really well to make sure they worked great and were comfy...then sometimes I would even sleep in them or at least try to until my Mama caught me and made me take them off? Well...part of the reason is I have been sick and busy on and off over the past 2 months... and it's alergy season... but oh, this week...this is come back week--- or at least that is what I am planning! It is time to start training again...for something... I would love to run a marathon in October or November...but who knows... are there any runners out there who have or are having trouble getting motivated after a long hiatus from running? Any tips or secrets to getting started again, besides developing "chubb rub" (when your legs/thighs start to touch each other) and grossing yourself out... sorry if i grossed anyone else out with that phrase. let em know... it's going to take everything I've got to get back on the treadmill...


Roll Call

Hello Ya'll!
I am curious... if you visit my blog and I don't know you personally- would you please tell me what state you are from and leave a link to your blog? I just think it is really fun to know who reads these and where they are from. Oh yay! I am so excited!



does anyone know where and when i can get a good vacation? a beach, some sand, a few towels, a pool, a few good books, sunshine, heat and no cell phone service? i'm also looking around for my life and free time...i am not quite sure where they have run off to... they've been missing for quite sometime now... let me know if you find them! or a good, cheap vacation...