Did you "ASK" today?

If not will you "ASK" soon? The reason I am "asking" is... that I "asked" this one friend of mine at least 10 times to come to MY Church...BC...

well, guess what?????

HE CAME!!! He has been filling one of our "Empty Seats" every week at the 6pm service now for about 5 weeks! HOORAY GOD!!!
My friend came to the 11am service this morning...he is definitely not a morning person, but wanted to "Praise the Lord" and not miss church this week (our 6pm service was cancelled due to national scheduling conflicts-the superbowl).

Thanks a whole bunch to all my peeps who make him feel so welcome every single week!
Props to:: Los, Susanne, Jeff, Jill, Andy, Laura, Britt, and all of the parking, host, and SPD volunteers who welcome people every Sunday, 3 times a day regardless of color, size, sexuality, spirituality, gender, disability, etc

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! You are showing my sweet friend the face of Jesus our Lord and Savior.

btw...I took him in to see KidStuf at 12:10 and he loved it!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey em! Isnt free fun? Hey you are on my blog roll! Under monoprint. i didnt forget ya!
-joe :)

Natalie said...

That's very cool! Way to keep asking!

Jill said...

Hey girl!! Just checking out your blog for the first time in a bit..you are a fun blogger! I think I may have to join the blog world soon..loved your most recent post..

Jerry said...

Tag! You're it! Now you have to give us 10 facts about yourself. Check my blog for details...