Squeezing in a post

Hello all! I actually have a moment to sit and jot a bit, so I decided to jot on my blog. Just so my readers (if there are any) understand...I don't write on my blog very frequently because I choose instead to do other things... Lately I have chosen to do artwork. I have been working on/pondering over an unfinished painting for about 2 years now. Well just the other night, I was staring blankly at the 36"x36" canvas and a lightbulb in my head came on and I figured out what to do to it...maybe I will post pictures when I have completed it for all to see.

I am also taking a printmaking class on Tuesday evenings. I LOVE IT and can't get enough of it. I constantly have ideas shooting around in head of prints to make/ design. I pulled two monoprints last night with beetles on them- no, not the band/group, the bug/insect. I usually don't love my work, but I really like the beetle prints...I can for once say that I am happy with it. I will try to post some images soon...

Are you working on a special project or taking a fun class right now? Or if not taking a class, what are you doing to improve/challenge yourself in some way?

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