It's about time...

I know, I know... I haven't written on here in a long time... but now I actually have something to write about, instead of just running off at the mouth with nonsense!
Well today was the official start of my 1/2 marathon training. I only had to run 5 miles- 3 of those miles had to be at a 10:01/mile pace. Drumroll please.............. I did it! Hooray!

Also I am starting a Printmaking Art Class tomorrow! I can't wait! It has been so long since I was able or interested in taking an art class instead of teaching one myself. Maybe in the next few weeks I will post some of my "monoprints". We will actually be making monoprints in the class.

Hopefully I'll make something worth posting!

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Julie said...

Hey Emily, I'm Mike Tiemann's wife, Julie. We've met a couple of times. Anyway, I found your blog through Jill's, and I enjoyed looking at your art SO much. You're so very talented. I'm jealous... I can design on a computer, but hand to paper - not so much. You mention teaching art classes - what do you teach and where? And do you sell your artwork?
-Julie (julieandmikemusic@yahoo.com)